I've been volunteering with BIG Ministries (now a part of British Youth For Christ) since 2004, doing children's and families' work with churches and Christian organisations all over the United Kingdom. I also work with them on projects and resources in a professional capacity. This time, our team was called upon to produce some videos for Lent under the 40 Acts banner, to be hosted on Youth For Christ's school resources website. I also contributed some lovely cardboard props to a couple of other films on the day, as is my custom.
For Breakfast on the Beach, I was live drawing (my first time – watch me juggling a handful of pens) alongside actor and storyteller Damian. Watch the finished film here.
For the story of Feeding of the 5,000, I made some jolly illustrations for the video retelling the story of Jesus feeding a rather large number of people (and back in Bible times, they only counted up the men). Watch the finished film.
Client: BIG Ministries / Youth For Christ / RE:quest / 40 Acts
Year: 2015
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