CD cover and booklet artwork for I Am The Manic Whale's fourth studio album (and associated extras). Frontman Michael Whiteman came to me with his inspirational, well-loved copy of "The Boys’ Life Book of Mystery Stories" and the crazy idea of not only making an album cover, but also making a real storybook to accompany the release. The resulting 10-panel Maltese-cross digipak and 200-page paperback are, to put it simply, a sight to behold – right down to the hand-tooled "gilding" on the "embossed leather" cover (all lovingly constructed and burnished in good old Photoshop). 
The album's not bad either, with rave reviews from across the prog rock community.
The Bumper Book of Mystery Stories is available to download and as a CD from IATMW's bandcamp store.
Year: 2023
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